Frequently Asked Questions

Find out everything you need to know about Cleverfi e Wifi portability

Does it work Worldwide ?

Yes, it does

How long do I have the password for?

You can keep the password as long as you want, and you are in control to change it anytime you desire.

How can I get my WiFi Password?

You could pre-register here

Is it Safe?

Yes, definitely safer than a WiFi with a Shared Password or NO Password.

Do I need to download an APP to use this service?

No, not necessarily, but we will release an APP soon.

Where do I manage my Account?

Currently we have a very simple Page.

Where can I use WiFi Portability?

You can use it anywhere there are compatible Service & Venue, to See or Request Service for your Favourite Spot please complete the form above

Do you need to carry anything with you?

No, it’s magic!

Does this cost any money?

No, This service is free for personal use

How is this portable wifi interact with other wifi routers?

WiFi Portability is a Connected service that Interacts with Existing Router to Deliver the service to you.

Still got a question for us?

Please fill the form and we will answer your questions as soon as possible!!!